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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by jetq, Sep 25, 2005.

  1. jetq


    I'm watching a basket of 50 stocks or so, trading them intraday based on simple ma crossover, whether or not I will take this crossover based on my reading of chart, i found it's a very tedious job to flip chart around and quickly wore me out,

    does anyone know a simple platform or software which can pop out this MA crossover alert on my screen and one click to open intraday chart for me to examine it further, it should constantly run on background against a basket of 50 stocks in trading hour
  2. Tradestation can watch 1000 stocks for you at a
    time in differnet timeframe for whatever complex
    criteria, with alert pop up on you computer screen
    or paging ,emailing to your PDA, cell phone all in
    real time.

    With 3rd party data integration soon,1000 stocks
    limitation might change also.

  3. InvestorRT I track 800 stocks intraday with RT.
  4. Schaefer


    If you use Cybertrader, they have a strategy center which allows you to define your own technical strategy. It will continuously scan the markets of your choice or your own symbol list and give you alerts as soon as the conditions are met. The signals could also be displayed on the charts as well.

    Amibroker will also let you do this, but at the expense of some programming. Hope it helps.

    Happy trading :)
  5. Moreagr


    hello schaefer how is their quote book setup??(do they have uptick arrows and bid/offer ratios on the tape??) and are they fast with executions like IB?? if you have tried them... i am thinking of opening an account...