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Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by Andre, Oct 7, 2003.

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  2. Andre


    Chat in 1/2 hour today, folks.... in the ET Chat Room

    Anyone on ET using Strategy Runner through Advanced Futures?

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    It is too bad Anna from Strategy Runner didn't answer the issue below:
    suppose that several clients are trying to get out at the same price or try to enter at same limit price ... so who gets the fill ?

    anna becker mentioned a "randomization of the queue"

    I think a simple contractual rule would be better; like the one below which is fair :
    client with the highest account ID get the highest prices during competing orders/fills.
    ( this means if it is a buy order client with higher ID will pay higher or not get filled ... and if it is a sell order client will sell lower or not sell at this price)
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    [..] client will sell higher [..] :eek:
  5. My honest thought:

    Interactive Robo-broker.

    Automated Trading? ummm.... I had a different definition.

    But solid platform for part-timers who have a good system to trade.