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Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by samb, Jul 12, 2001.

  1. samb


    I am interested in systematic trading approaches. Would like to open a dialog for Trade Station Pro users and others who are interested in this approach.
  2. Hoyler


    I believe that automating your trades with Tradestation Pro is in the works. As for the details, guess we'll find out together. Also planned for Pro, are real time options evaluation and stock screening/scanning- similar to RadarScreen and OptionStation.

  3. samb


    Not only is it in the works but it is here today. My point is it is time to take advantage of this next generation logic and group together a team of developers/traders who are willing to take advantage of it. Sharp mind will develop sharp strategies and the scalibility has no limits. If you are a strategy developer let's here from you. Do you need a better Order entry system ? Do you need a clearing firm ? Do you need capital ? are you licensed ? The future is now !
  4. rcreal


    Three discussion groups (former eGroups now Yahoo Groups - are JURIKMA, omega-list, and OmegaAtlanta.

    Best trading!

  5. samb


    Thanks I'll check out both locations.