Automated trading?

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    I have seen a bunch of advertisements for automatic trading robots for forex, any merrit to them or just scams?
  2. If it looks too good to be true, it most likely is. And in the case of low profile offerings of trading systems or 'Managed Accounts', it always is.
  3. I have a lot of them (forex tracer, forex funnel, forex mafioso, forex assassin, forex killer.....blah blah blah)

    My brother gets them all for free and tests them. This is the only one that works:

    But this is the thing...with a $5000 account, you get a profit of $100 in a spam of two months. So unless you're happy with $600/yr, you'd have to start with a BIG account.

  4. Yep, that's quite a Freudian slip. Definitely in a spam filter.
  5. Frankly the only evidence of what real traders curves look like are on All forex systems have crashed on that site. Forex is only to be used for arbitrage and hedging. It's not a damn casino. Stick to equities or futures.

  6. haha, oops
  7. lol [​IMG]
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    Have you seen this from a web site selling FX videos for $3,200?
    Well all that hard word really paid off... BIG TIME! (All $10,000,000 + of it, I average around $170,000 a month, highest months almost top the 1/2 million mark)

    And yet he spends al lday posting on a marketing forum and have several I.M. products.....SCUMBAG.
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    and that has to do what with the above?
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