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    After purchasing esignal's advanced GET it's apparent to me that good software really is a huge advantage. So I was wondering about the next step. Has anyone heard of individuals trading "professionally" without actually doing a thing having their software execute all the trades on it's own? This would be the Holy Grail of trading!
  2. If you consider Advanced GET to be good, anyway.

    100% automated is difficult because of corporate actions, surprise dividends, delistings, etc. NYSE/Euronext has a steady stream of this crap almost all day long. Aside from the manual interventions like that, automated trading is very doable. Occasionally though, human intervention is required.

    I also get ticked off when the exchange fails or some router dies, or whatever and I'm on the phone with the exchange asking them to kill my orders, break trades, whatever. The computer can only automate to an extent.
  3. Yes, many individuals and funds trade 100% automated. It is generally simpler in futures, but it can be accomplished in stocks and forex as well.
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    Any suggestions for what software and brokerage I should consider using to try automated trading?
  5. You. are. delusional.

    Please, sim-trade only until you come to your senses.
  6. you really think so? I attended one of their seminar. I liked the fact that they spent most of their time explain the technical aspects of GET, rather than on marketing. Correlation b/w stoch, momentum, with all the elliot stuff was interesting. however, I came back home, and drew some comparisons to some charts only to discover that correlation they showed at the seminar is pretty much theoretical. They showed people the ideal chart for using their technique. regardless, I think GET is still worth a's simple and could turn in handy. has anyone had good experience with GET?
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    What's wrong with advanced get? I shelled out $2995 but still have 3 weeks to return it, so if you recommend TradeStation or something else instead......

    I've found the advanced get trend signals to be unbelievably accurate. Using the XTL breakout seems to yield about break even/slight gain about 80% of the time with a huge gain about 15% of the time.

    Eyeballing it on the SP daily chart is appears this simplest of strategies would've returned swing traders about 300% in 2008.
  8. Just curious, is that with slippage and commission included?

    Personally I would never trade any automated system that I did not develop myself because you wouldn't understand the idea that went behind developing it. Additionally I would never trade an automated system that is widely used and commercially available.

    They say that the only systems that get sold are the ones that don't work anymore.

    Just my two pennies,

  9. Thanks for the laugh, man! :D
  10. Advanced GET was one of the first products produced, about 12 to 14 years ago, to promote technical analysis. That is when I bought it. For a number of years GET won TASC awards as the best stock and futures trading product. It served me well until programming products appeared.

    GET has since taken a back seat to the advances in programming that have relegated it to investors, not a trader’s tool. Though many of the functions in GET are still useful to me it cannot produce the profits of today’s advanced automated retail platforms. GET would be considered “professional” trading software by today’s standards.
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