Automated Trading with TT (Trading Technologies) Autotrader

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by fugawi, Mar 7, 2007.

  1. fugawi


    I'm looking into automating my Tradestation trading strategies, but don't want to use Tradestation as my broker. I trade only futures.

    I hear that TT has a tool box or app called autotrader that can help.

    Anybody have any direct experience with the TT gear?

    If so, a few questions:

    1) What is the "ramp up" time to get my Tradestation EasyLanguage strategies running with autotrader?

    2) What programming languages does it support?

    3) Does it support multiple accounts per running strategy?

    It would be great if someone other than a TT employee responded...

    If this topic has been discussed previously, just direct me to the thread, and my apologies to all.
  2. francis1

    francis1 ET Sponsor

    TradeBullet now supports TT. You can send orders to TT from TradeStation. I don't think you can link autospreader with TradeStation.
  3. A few traders in my group use tt's autotrader religeously. I've never heard of useing tradestation with tt and I don't know why you would what benefit is there to doing this?

    How would you do this anyway? Does TradeBullet write to the tt gateways or something? this is beyond my tech knowledge but it sounds odd. why add unecessary steps to your execution?
  4. francis1

    francis1 ET Sponsor

    Fugawi said he wanted to trade his Tradestation EasyLanguage strategies at TT. TradeBullet can be used because it connects to TT FIX.

    As to the Autospreader, I've never used it so I don't have enough information to answer.

  5. minmike


    Not sure about the multi accounts.

    I use it and like it. ( I can do better by hand, but it eliminates the stress.) Autospreader takes no programing. you just create the spread. spred driver is where you can automate stratagies. All the programming can be done in regular excel. (No VB)
  6. I've worked with TT's api but I've never heard of autotrader. Do you have any info on it?

  7. fugawi


    Thanks to all respondents, so far...

    I have found out that for me to use TT's AutoTrader I'd need to get my orders into an excel spreadsheet cell. Then Autotrader can manger the order.

    I called TT and found that TT has a partners program that supports other application providers the opportunity to build trading applications and "conform" to TT's infrastructure. They tell me that there are a number of companies that have built applications that might suit my needs. Some of which have already been mentioned in this thread.

    These applications provide the link between the trade execution infrastructure and the signal generation software (Tradestation in my case).

    In no particular order, here's the list I have so far:

    - VanKar's VKTrader

    - Strategy Runner

    - TSSUPPORT OwnTrade

    - NinjaTrader

    - TradeBullet

    So, that's what I have learned over the last few days. I have VKtrader demo (Simulator) running right now. Here's how its' gone so far.

    1) I was able to get it simulating signals for 8 systems after about 20 minutes of setup time.

    2) Can use Pats or TT on the back end for execution

    3) Has "Smart Order" mechanisms to help reconcile the REALITY of actual trading with the trading signals generated.

    4) Can handle multiple accounts and contract "multipliers" can be applied to each individual account.

    5) Has other features that allow me to get Tradestation and VKtrader back in sync should there be a problem with one of the platforms, computers, network, etc.

    So, it looks good so far...

    If there are other folks out there that have actual experience with any of these products, good or bad, please post...

    Should I just go ahead and start a separate thread?

    Thanks in advance to all!