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  1. Hey everyone, I am an avid R user and want to start automated trading using the connection between Interactive brokers API and R. IB has a great IBrokers package on R but I am not to sure how I would automate the trade. Can someone point me in the right direction on where to learn how to set this up? IF you have any experience I would love to hear.
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    Did you even Google this before posting?
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  5. ??? I wouldn't be waiting for an answer if I could just GOOGLE it. There is very little documentation on this. 1 video that is semi useful. Clearly you know of many more resources..... Also talking and interacting with a community is much more effective then reading an article.
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    You realize you're still reading the replies just as you would an article, right?
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  7. Do you have any experience trading with R on IB? If yes, any tips you could throw my way as I go on my automated trading journey?
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    Absolutely. Here's a good resource
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    Bottom line -- don't use anything that isn't supported by IBKR. They have several other API platforms that they support. I remember IBPy being a shitshow cause it was independently developed as the GNU R module also seems to be. Java is gonna be the best one cause it's been around the longest, but I assume Python is more similar to R than Java.

    In general, R/Matlab are good for prototyping but Python is superior for implementation.

    In fact even the Python module has poor documentation from IBKR which means you end up having to dig through the code to figure out what the hell it does.
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    Absolutely, and Jeff Ryan, the package author, will be at R/Finance in Chicago in early June. He's a good guy and will be happy to speak with you about where the package stands these days. I'm not sure how focused he's been on maintaining it since he started working at Citadel. He's also the author of a good though dated tutorial.
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