Automated trading with ninja trader

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  1. Not sure if it needs programming or if ninja trader 7 can do it from scratch.
    How can I implement the following simple strategy with ninja trader 7?
    If price is 40 ticks above the current low of the day sell short, or if price is 40 ticks below the current high of the day buy. The strategy needs to trade once a day maximum: if price moves up and down accross the +40/-40 ticks level, NT will trade only the first time the level is crossed and will not trade anymore if the level is crossed again later in the day.
  2. Please do not post NinjaTrader questions in this forum thank you. Please see the sticky.
  3. Why can I not post a Ninja Trader question in this forum and where can I post it? What is a sticky?
  4. Just read the post on your link, the bad questions seem to be quite general, the good ones contain some technical vocabulary and seem to have been asked by people who already know how to program.

    Since my level of programming is low indeed (I am not even a beginner), can you re-phrase my post as you see fit and hopefully a programmer will come along to help me out. Maybe you can rephrase what I am looking for with technical terms?

    If this forum section is not fit for what I am looking for, shall I post in the Software or Trading sections of the Elite Trader forums?
  5. I've posted in this forum: Automated Trading
    It may be a better place to post
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    There are ninjatrader support forums on their website. You may want to post there since its a fairly easy strategy.