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    Hi all!

    I have recently decided to use esignal and i have some questions. and i need a suggestion on which broker to choose.
    1. Can you please suggest me of the broker/s that has the fastest and most reliable execution of trading orders with esignal?
    I am trading on the CME futures and using automated trading with esignal.

    2. I understood that the connection between esignal and the broker in automated trading is made by a plug-in.
    my question is: while making a market order(using automated trading), is it possible that there will be a delay from the moment esignal gave the order until the broker sent the order to the CME?
    if there is a delay, how long can it be? is there a way to trade automatically with esignal without a delay?

    3. Are there any bugs that can happen because of this "plug-in"? like: is it possible that the broker will send the order to the CME on a different price than what i wanted in the esignal charts? are there any other bugs that can happen because of the plug-in?

    thanks alot in advance!!!

  2. Esignal doesn't offer automated trading. You can integrate your broker with the charts for trading off the chart, but you still have to push the button.

    Esignal can be set up to auto trade through ninja but I have never heard of anyone that has used those two together.

    What is the name of the plug-in you are referring too?