Automated trading vs Manual trading.

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    How to know which trading automated or manual is good for us?
  2. The one that makes you a profit and has low Drawdown?

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    Manual at 1st so you can get the hang of trading and then you can put your trades on auto pilot by setting alerts and putting on trades in advance.
  4. automated tradding can only be good if you are the one who created it with a good system and strategy and a good programer you should be.

    so the bottom line is for now you have to focus on manual which is better for you and maybe after a couple of years you can go automated! :D
  5. If your DMA is slow, and you're only managing a small set of names, manual can be good enough.
  6. " the boyz drive a stick but the men drive an automatic......"

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  8. don't you mean "The young boys drive a stick, but old men need an automatic."?
  9. who is this "us" Kemosabee?
  10. otherwise, what kind of crap are you trying to sell today?

    got a link?
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