Automated Trading System on TRUMP Symbol

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  1. Hello guys,

    I want to share my new system based on the TRUMP symbol.
    Please write your comments and feedback, to improve the results of strategy.
    Feel free to download and test it.

    Platform: Metatrader 4
    Minimum Deposit: $100.00 for cent account
    Symbol: TRUMP
    Time Frame: H1

    \MQL4\Experts\Trump_EA v1.12.mq4

  2. Did someone test it?
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  3. The EA is already starting to make a profit,

  4. pipeguy


    On demo account? Well it's not hard to to make virtual money because you get ideal trading conditions. Show us what your EA can do in the live battle :)
  5. This is a LIVE micro account :cool:
  6. pipeguy


    Oh so 10000 is not 10K dollars right, its like 100 bucks? Otherwise it doesn't makes sense to me .
  7. Yes, it's $100
  8. EA monitoring,

  9. pipeguy


    You keep quite healthy drawdown, do you set your stop losses tight?
  10. Sorry! I have seen this many times, but in the end ...
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