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    Hi, I have been using NinjaTrader and TradeLink for some time to trade with TD Ameritrade. They don't work any more after I upgraded my account to portfolio margin account, which does not allow direct API access.

    As far as I know, their TOS does not support 3rd party connections, such as IB's TWS does. Anyone else have any experience with this?

    One of my friend suggests to have some software to mimic their web page in application. We need to monitor the network traffic to figure out the commands their web site sends out for each functionality. It's time consuming and costly, and the most not reliable once TD Ameritrade changes their web command. But as TOS does not support AT, it might the only way now. Forget about their pordigio, which does not fit my purpose.

    Also, is there any AT platform for Charles Shwab, eTrade and Scott Trade? Will the 'mimic' application work with them too?

    Appreciate your help.
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    We offer CPM accounts at both Penson Financial and ML Pro with an API to both Sterling Trader and Silexx Obsidian. Send me an email with your contact information if you like me to call you about our services.

  3. mydann


    Hi all,

    I have managed to develop an application, which can use TD Ameritrade's HTTP command (URL) to retrieve balance, positions, orders, submitting and cancelling orders. I know it's a pain as the application has to be updated whenever TD Ameritrade changed their URL or something similar. But it works for my automated trading purpose at the minimum NOW. So the only concern for me now is how often TD Ameritrade will change their web design.

    How about TOS? Is there any way to pull data and push data through TOS? I read some posts about using DDE pulling data by using DDE. Anyone can suggest on how to push orders to TOS?

    FYI, NO 3rd party trading platform will work with portfolio margin account in TD Ameritrade account. What a stupid decision it is! TOS or their web are the only choices.
  4. Isn't Strategy Desk still available at TDA?
  5. Cool-trade, but it's expensive.
  6. Are you nuts?

    Get in the tda developer program.

    The have api for java, c#, etc.

    Tda only, no tos.

  7. @sledgeyum - he is not nuts. Once the account is "upgraded" (gotta love the irony), access to the regular TDA API is lost, so Strategy Desk, or any 3rd party apps such as Cool-Trade, NinjaTrader, QT, etc, will no longer work.
  8. J, Thanks for the info. Does the same apply to portfolio margin accounts at IB?
  9. JamesL


    No. Same access.
  10. No, this foolishness is all Ameritrade.

    If IB did that, people would complain, IB would see the complaints and fix the issue and access would be restored (as was visible with the volume issue recently)
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