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  1. Hello all,

    I guess the "COMMUNIST BASTARDS" at Meetup have decided not to allow my trading get together probally because it's popular to persecute non - democrate liberial fanatics these days.

    I would like to hear from anyone who would like to meet possibly once a month in a round table discussion of trading methods etc. Please feel free to contact me at


    Meetup - communist response below. WTF? oh well.. their loss..

    Your Meetup Group, Automated Trading Strategies, was brought to our attention as inappropriate, so we conducted a limited inquiry into the content.

    We've determined that it's in violation of our Group Community Guidelines and Terms of Service. As a result of our inquiry, we've closed your Meetup Group and refunded your Organizer Dues.

    For more information, you can review Meetup's Group Community Guidelines here:

    In the Terms of Service, Meetup reserves the right to remove members, Groups and content at our discretion.

    Meetup HQ
  2. mutluit


    just crunch them!... :)
  3. Were you trying to take the group for a ride to vendor land? There's a meetup group named "Dallas algorithmic trading". If you are looking to just meetup with others you could give it a try? Obviously someone complained about something. I wonder what it was?
  4. Maverick74


    Really? WTF. I know IBD has one of the largest meetup communities in the world and it's HUGELY promotional. Not sure why yours was banned while allowing theirs. BTW, there are tons of trader meetups on that site. How was your ad worded?