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    Anyone out there know of Automated Trading Software that actually works...meaning, it will follow, and execute programmatic strategies in Real-Time?
    If so, does anyone know of such a program being publicly sold? Are you using the program, and has it been reliable enough to generate consistent profit, provided you have at least moderately succesful strategies?
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    TradeProject can run custom trading-strategies automatically in real-time. It is not sold but free, but that shouldn't be an issue? If the strategy is successful or not depends on the strategy, not on the platform running that strategy - or did I get you wrong?
  3. Get a copy of TASC and look at the code posted in the languages of 20+ different automated trading apps. Then evaluate them.
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    Thank you very much for your post, including Sideshowbob. Also, TrailingStop, thank you for that prospective program you had mentioned. I'll defenitely look into it.
    However, to say I have had some negative experiences with free programs would be an understatement. The program Ninjatrader comes to mind. That is one of the most bug-infested programs I've worked with so far...everytime the program crashes you have to re-install it, or it will repeatedly malfunction: for instance, in Real-time it will incessantly buy and sell...any trader's worst nightmare becoming a reality if you know what I mean.
    To answer your question TrailingStop. Considering the experience I have with System's Trading, including programming...I of course understand Trading Strategies are the most significant factor. You didn't get me 'wrong'. I understand the Trading platform is merely let's say, an instrument for one's Trading methodology, hence your reptoire of Trading Strategies. Without the strategies, the platform is useless. Conversely, the program's functionality must be reasonable. Meaning, the program must able to consistently execute (in Real-Time), the Trading Strategies, which are programmed in the form of say C# or C++, or a proprietary programming language.
    Anyhow thanks for the info' again!!
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    I'm not a chartist or anything, but does this program have just basic capabilities for charting--where for instance, you can see a visual interpretation of a Futures Stock?
    Thanks again!@ :)
  6. Stdr,

    I understand your concern and you are very right on this issue - software should do what it is made for. Anyway, since IB offers a demo and additional a simulation/paper account it should be possible to get any idea and a feeling for the software without risking any money and just to make sure that things work as expected. This is also very important in the development-cycle of the strategy itself before going live. TP is written in C++ and TPL is also C++, but I tried to make it somewhat easier to use. I made the decision for C++ to offer highest performance with custom indicators and strategies. It would be a kind of nightmare if you have a working strategy and it failed only because the performance was bad and you lose too much time for calculation. To support you I put all indicators and one sample-strategy with their source code into the installation. You could see how they are developed and could use this as base for your own indicators/strategies. I will add some more sample-strategies (they do NOT make any money!) in one of the next releases. On the other side I know that TP is not that easy to use - specially because I do not have a manual and also no online help. Therefore I will give you (and anyone else) assistance if you run into issues or do not know how to continue. You see: You have nothing to lose if you try (except your time).
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    I have used Ninja in entirely automated mode for about ten months, placing about 5000 trades over that time frame. It has a few quirks, and there are certain features that I avoid. But to put it simply: it works, and works very well.
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    Many beginning investors wrongly believe that the cheapest online stock trading sites are just as good as the more full featured stock trading sites. What these investors do not realize is it is not the cost of the trades or the speed of the trades that determine the long term success of their money.
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    I've been using software for over a year using the CQG IC trading platform. Any trading strategy you define in CQG, AutoExec Solutions will automate with ultra low frequency (milliseconds). It is extremely user friendly and offers extensive features.

    If your seriously looking for automated trading software, I'd encourage you to check out their website, plus they offer a 2 week free trial.
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