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  1. I'm currently building and testing an automated trading indicator I developed. I'm looking to get information on remote trading for prop firms who allow automated trading. Questions include intraday & overnight leverage, initial capital, payouts, and commissions. If people in the know would leave a post or PM me with info on the various firms, I would appreciate it.
  2. I think this depends upon the platform the prop firm supports. With those that have TT (Trading Technologies) or Sterling Pro for instance, you would at least have the proper API support. Keep in mind though, each API has it's nuances and quirks. It could take quite some time to discover these and thus insure your system works reliably.
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    Leverage, payout and commissions is not dependent and whether you're automated or not. There's many many threads and discussions on the above subjects.

    The automation specific questions you want to ask are about things like documentation and support of the api, co-location costs, routing options, extra costs for api executions. Most of that will be based on what platform the firm offers.

  4. I appreciate the advice