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    I am researching on automated trading platform to use with my current broker, IB and TD Ameritrade. It would be better if the platform supports both brokers. I would appreciate if you know a good platform to share with.

    BTW, I don't mind to code in java or c# or c++ if needed.

  2. nielsb


    TradeLink is an open source .NET based trading platform. You should check it out.
  3. thanks niels

    tradelink also supports both of the brokers poster mentions.
  4. auspiv


    ninjatrader supports both of those brokers and you can code your own indicators/strategies in c# with NT
  5. mydann


    Thanks for your quick response. I will try out the tradelink to see how it works.

    I was thinking about NinjaTrader also. Not sure if I can test it with the free version.
  6. LeeD


    you can backtest with a free version. You only need a paid-for version if you intend to place trades through it.
  7. Why re-invent the wheel. Ninja can do a lot and anything you cant do in ninja you can bolt on with C# interface.
  8. kmontevirgen

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    As an additional option, the Global Zen Trader platform also has automated trading capabilities using C# and EasyLanguage, and it has no monthly charge.
  9. newage144


    Does anyone know any open trading platforms in Java?
  10. mydann


    I have tried to use tradelink. It worked couple of days and then stopped working due to failed login. I called TD and was told to contact TradeLink. Also TradeLink suggested there is no change from its side. ;-)

    I like NJ a lot but it can't read the ACCOUNT position. It provides the STRATEGY position only, which does not fit my purpose. I need to explore more on NJ DLL to see how it works out.

    I tried to contact to TDA API group to see if I can get access to their API server directly myself. As software engieer backgroud, it is not a difficult task for me to write auto trading system myself. But it is a lot of work (at least couple of weeks). The good side is that I have full control of it.

    I was planning to talk through QuoteTracker APIs for automated trading. But there is a thread talking the death of QT by the end of this year. It is also confirmed according to my call to TD customer service . The final date is not settled but very close. I don't see the value to implement client for TD through QT.

    I was told TD Ameritrade has automated trading tools when I re-open my account with them. Then they told me their automated trading tool, Prodigio, is working only with ThinkOrSwim customers, but not TD customers. Now they have it worked only with paper trading account. The live Prodigio for TD customers is due sometime this Sep. I can't believe TD acquired TOS, which does not have customer API support. Even QT has the feature. Does TOS think they will be able to provide EVERY feature their customers want? It's rediculous. IMHO, client side server API is the best choice, such as IB's TWS. Talking to TD API server will gurantee to cause a lot of problems, from software design prospect.

    Now you can see I am stuck. There are many choices initially. But none of them works out for me. Any suggestions?

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