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  1. I purchased one of the top bots, forex megadroid and trialled it for three weeks. In those three weeks, using a trial account I lost £350. Most of the trades I got were losing trades. I dont know what was up with this, but it made me lose confidence in the whole thing.

    After finding this website and its abundance of honest individuals, I was wondering what all of your experience(s) with forex are. Any recommended services or bots?
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    The whole forex robot industry is a scam. No one is going to sell you a highly profitable program for just a few hundred dollars. They would be trading it themselves. Think about it.
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    if you want to be successful, just do things on your own - create your own system, etc. study the markets on your own. don't take the easy way out and try to buy systems. these systems suck.

    there's no easy way. only hard work and a lot of thinking.
  4. You were using the wrong template file.

    Send me £175 and I will email you the secret template file guaranteed to make you money. You will make all of your losses back in two weeks!
  5. Okay, I'll send you the money....jk

    I was not using the wrong template file. All the settings were correct too.
  6. Let me get this straight-somebody sold you, for a few hundred (or thousand?) dollars, a system they said would easily make thousands of dollars?

    And you believed them? Really? Come on. As thinking (?) adults, does that make a lot of sense to you?

    Good trading to all. :cool:
  7. "95.82% Accuracy In EVERY SINGLE Market condition....678.70% Net Profit Increase In Only 104 Days.....Special Offer ONLY $97!!!" it :D

    Ya gotta admire these snake oil sellers, they're selling sand and packaging it as an oasis....and the naiive and gullible buy it! It's brilliant!

    "The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits." - Albert Einstein
  8. why would anyone want to buy something called "megadroid" in the first place?

    is this supposed to be impressive?

    sounds more like "the transformers" to me.
  9. The megadroid system has been talked about on various forums and I have a friend who backtested all of their results, and spent a year testing it for himself, ending up with thousands of profit. Not for me though!
  10. Hey if your a sci-fi geek trader wannabe then a name like "Megadroid" is like a sign from heaven that your gonna be a gazillionaire in less than it takes to go 12 parsecs.

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