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Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by jpomerenke, Jul 22, 2003.

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  1. My partner and I have been in the process of building a automated trading journal. we have put up a rough web page for some feedback and ideas. Tell us what ya think!

  2. Looks like a good idea. Black background making me dizzy.

    You should have emoticons insertable for:

    Trade Demon
    Woulda Coulda Shouda
    Stopped up
    Stopped out

    and especially

    unexpected data spike:eek:

    Free to ET members I presume
  3. The beta will be free forsure...well see what happens from there....but i would like to stress the fact that all feedback even if posted on here should be sent to the feedback thing on the site...thats what we are keeping track of....we want to make this for traders from traders..... so any ideas please email to us....but you can also put on here to keep thread alove :)
  4. Banjo


    Since it would already have the info if it's integrated with the broker make it create proper reports for taxes and I'll buy it.
  5. we can make it do tax reports i would think...keep the feedback coming
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  7. jpomerenke,

    What exactly do you mean by in book format?

    Once again...there are lots of Trade Journal templates out there already where traders post why they took a trade, analysis of a trade, rating system of a trade et cetera (usually about 3-4 papers)...

    with charts of each trade on the back of them as the trade appeared when taken instead of one chart that shows the entire trading day which often doesn't reflect what the charts looked like for each trade...

    along with printing out there daily broker statements (usually one piece of paper).

    The above usually is via a customizable template from either a spreadsheet or your favorite word processor (I had it once in spreadsheet format via Lotus and recently moved it into word processor format via Microsoft Word).

    All my templates are in book format (took it to local print shop to make a book-like folder out of it) in a very nice book folder in which I can add or remove pages....such as adding the one page broker trade statement.

    Reason why I was wondering what do you mean by book format.

    Now...that other stuff...which is a pain in the butt for me to do...

    the statistical and calculations work that I mentioned before at your other thread...

    that's what my trade journal cannot do and I must do manually.

    Things like my average time in trade, time period where most profits and losses occurs et cetera.

    Simply...the key to my trade journal and convenience is to keep my journal on book format...

    so that I can review it anywhere (for example while traveling) besides just on the computer.

    Let me know when you have an actual version of my do list and I'll test drive it.

  8. This thread has been getting lost alot
  9. We havent exactly decided what would be best format to save it in. Sign up on the site and you will recieve updates and a email when the beta version is ready to be tested. Right now we are currently intergrating it with IB. Thats what we are working on.
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