Automated Trading Is Gambling

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  1. Then it's not gambling if you're also profitable over the long-run.
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  2. wow, did you figure that out all by yourself, or did you google it?
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  3. It's my rational interpretation.
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  4. Simples


    What is your definition of gambling?
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  5. Not the same as Google's, it's too general and doesn't take into consideration objectivity/subjectivity, expected outcome, odds, probability, certainty/uncertainty, long run, short run.

    I think my previous posts indicate how I've defined it.
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  6. Simples


    So gambling, according to you, is losing over the long run?
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  7. themickey

    themickey when losing therefore a loser gambler and when winning a genius.
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  8. You're sounding a bit insecure about your earlier post and comparison with horse racing. Yes, I had a good chuckle at that.
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  9. qxr1011


    well you made emphasis on hope in definition on gambling , and I just explained that everybody is hoping regardless what is the basis for that hope.

    imho when people talking about gambling as an opposite to non-gambling what they usually imply ( sometimes without realizing it ) is that gambling has quite high probabilities for person to loose....

    most people operate in the in environment where odds are overwhelmingly in their favor (still gambling) , so they even do not think about it in terms of probabilities

    that is why for the average Joe only casino or trading is gambling
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  10. qxr1011


    nothing is wrong with the philosophy, since it is the foundation for proper assessment of the life itself

    in our case - the life of a trader
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