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  1. I've had a few IB accounts for a few years but have been manually trading.

    I've come up w/ some strategies and would like to try setting them up and having them trade automatically.

    I've looked on the IB boards and have seen various suggestions on ways to automate IB trading but there doesn't seem to be a consensus on the product(s) to use. I've seen suggestions for using things like Neoticker or Investor/RT through Ninja Trader, Etrade, etc.

    Can anyone offer insight into how they have automated trades through IB?

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    Roll your own if you know how. If not, you can use Amibroker 4.70 (when it comes out) or [charting app]+Dynaorder if you can't wait.

    I recommend AGAINST Wealth-Lab Developer unless your systems are extremely simple.

    And if you are an excellent programmer, you should definitely look at QuantStudio .NET.
  4. Check out as well.
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    I used IB's TWS to implemented my automated trading system. The TWS automatically logoff everyday. Anyone knows how to disable the auto-logoff function?

  6. If you already have your trading systems coded in Esignal, Tradestation or Amibroker, something like tradebolt or tradebullet is probably going to be the easiest to set up.

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    Go to the Configure then Misc tabs in the TWS. You will see the Auto Logoff Time selection.
  9. You can't disable auto logoff, you can only change it.

    To launch automatically TWS, use cron if you work under unix. Under windows, I don't know, but there must be some kind of autostart somewhere.
  10. Thanks for your replies.

    Since I originally posted this I have purchased and am testing a system w/ Amibroker.

    If/when I'm comfortable w/t he system I will either use their direct link to IB if it is fully operational or I'll try tradebullet.

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