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  1. Hi,

    I know this has been asked before, but not that recently so I'll ask again. Anyone had good (or bad) experiences with a "budget" server hosting company (i.e. $100/mo or less) for hosting auto trading platforms? I'd probably be using both IB and NinjaTrader.

    Proximity to exchanges is not a concern, but good uptime and support are.

  2. heech


    I use Softlayer with IB/NT. I didn't want a VPS, so have a dedicated server at $160/month.

    I know that's more than you budgeted... but I'm extremely satisfied with their service so far.
  3. Heech,

    What are some of the advantages you have seen with a hosted solution vs a home-office solution, if any?

    I'm considering a hosted solution myself.
  4. heech


    I talked about this in a different thread... perhaps in the automated trading forum, or the "career trader" forum. Key point: I trade multi-day... so I *need* to be available every day, or my strategies blow apart. Someone scalping/day-trading can afford to take a day off, or be away from access... I can't.

    So for me, I'll just quickly summarize... it boils down to a few factors:

    - reliability/redundancy. I don't care how handy you think you are with a screw-driver, or how many spare parts you have around the house... a professional hosting company will be able to swap out a broken power supply/router within minutes. You can get 2, 3, 10 DSL lines going to your house... but it still won't be as redundant or safe as what a typical secured hosting server has.

    - availability. All I need to get into the server is a lower-bandwidth RDC link. A dialup is probably too slow, but 100 kbps is fast enough to watch 100-200 quotes updating in close-to-real time. That means broadband wireless link, or a crappy internet cafe in Vietnam... I'll be able to do my job.

    House-fire, earthquake, flood... I like my chances with the hosted solution versus the home office.