Automated Trading Groups? Meetings in New York?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by keprecruiter, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. Hi, I am new to EliteTrader and re-entering a supporting role to an Automated Trading platform in New York City.

    I am curious if there any groups, locations, organizations or meeting [like Meetups] where I should be learning more about the Automated Trading process?

    Any assistance or direction would be really helpful, thanks!
  2. There are a few meetup groups in the city but they are all a joke, no one real goes to them.
  3. if i realize that in a 10 ppl meetup, im the only guy that knows alot and nobody else shares, would I continue going ?

    $1000 per hour in cash, perhaps.
  4. Right on the money.

    Joined a meetup b/c I thought the founder of the meetup was a legit trader.

    Missed the first meetup.

    Was going to check out the second meetup on automated trading. But to attend, you needed to bring contact info on a programmer. No contact info., no meetup for you. This was firm.

    My reaction: What the fuck is this shit?

    Some punk ass loser trader wanting to steal shit. Well, he could take his meetup and go fuck himself.

    I figured the requirement for attending the third meetup would be bring $100k so I said fuck this shit and quit promptly.

    Trading meetups are pretty much con jobs where pikers advertise and sell their garbage or steal your shit.

    Meetups. Lol.
  5. nitro


    The trading situation is very Darwinian. Competition is fierce. I can only speak for myself, but many of the people that know don't really have the time nor the inclination to say much to a general audience. It is not so much that there is anything secret, just that anyone worth their salt has put in so much sacrifice to get to where they are, that it simply makes no sense to give away hard won knowledge at these "meetups". Therefore, while it is a sin to generalize, I would not be be surprised to find these meetups to be of no use to people genuinely looking to exchange knowledge and learn and share.

    Take Equinix NY4 or NY2. These places are highly secretive about their locations to the general public. Go by the buildings in Secaucus or Mawah. You can't even tell what is inside. Once inside, you can't take pictures of any kind. This attitude is true throughout every part of the business.

    The people that know talk to each other because they know they aren't telling you something you don't already know. Funny, but true.

    BTW, I would talk all you want, I just don't have the time.