Automated trading for those without a programming background?

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    Are there any options for traders that want to automate a strategy without having an in depth programming background?

    I'm looking to make something simple, but I want to do it on my own. For example, if XYZ stock crosses $50 within the first 5 minutes, go long with a stop at $49.75 and a target of $50.50. Is there some service which allows you to convert these guidelines in coding? Or maybe some type of easy coding language?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. tradelink is free, open source and supports several brokers.

    here is code for your example :

    "XYZ stock crosses $50 within the first 5 minutes, go long with a stop at $49.75 and a target of $50.50"

    public class myresponse : ResponseTemplate
    decimal LEVEL = 50;
    int STOPTIME = 93500;
    OffsetTracker ot = new OffsetTracker();
    public myresponse()
       // ensure that position is bracketed
       ot["XYZ"].StopDist = .25m;
       ot["XYZ"].ProfitDist = .5m;
    PositionTracker pt = new PositionTracker();
    public override void GotTick(Tick k)
       if (( > LEVEL) 
    && (k.time < STOPTIME)
    && !pt["XYZ"].isFlat)
           sendorder(new BuyMarket("XYZ",100));
    public override void GotFill(Fill trade)
    public override void GotPosition(Position p)
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    If you want to be able to eventually learn to do any of your own coding use tradestation where the easylanguage code will be much easier to read and modify. I would suggest you hire someone like playa consulting to make your initial strategy with all the inputs you need to do your basic trade on any stock simply by changing the prices or percentages, and then make the strategy more sophiticated by adding conditions to the strategy yourself over time. It will be much easier building on something when you can comprehend the code easily.
  4. There's really a language that represents 9:35 as the integer 93500? Ouch.
  5. ::Are there any options for traders that want to automate a
    ::strategy without having an in depth programming background?

    Yes. Learn programming.

    Sorry. You want to program, learn programming.

    Most trading systems are not exactly HARD to program, which makes that part a lot easier. You need very limited programming knowledge for a trading system.

    But you better get into the basics.
  6. Hey 6pst6 I made a thread asking if anyone had any cool trading vids or videos of trading software running on real markets.
    Someone told me to check out their youtube channel Their stuff was pretty cool and apparently does not require any programming.
    I'm going to look into it a bit more but it looks like it could easily do what your after.
  7. ::Their stuff was pretty cool and apparently does not require any

    BAD news for you. Their stuff reminds me of 5th generation programming environments that were introduced about - hm - 1995 ;)

    People do not need to program anymore to make business applications.

    Guess why people still get paid for programming, and why those disappeared?

    Because regardless how you draw things up fancy, programming is programming by heart. If you have problems formulating your system in a way the computer understands it, you will have problems in writing and / or in symbols.

    Plus symbols are slow ;)

    So, system programming starts really easy. And it never really gets hard from a programmer point of view. But one still needs programming basics.

    Best approach is to slowly learn the basics. Easy Language - though supposedly pretty limited in many areas - was done as good programming langauge for that ;)
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    CoolTrade ( is fully point-and-click.
    Requires NO programming and comes with many strategies that you can use as is, or easily modify them to do your strategy.

    Nice thing about it is you can turn it on in the morning (or schedule to start on its own), and walk out of the house, as it will use the information on the 6 simple strategy tabs, to make the buys/sells (long/short), add to positions (going up or down), and automatically calculates the profit goals, stop losses, etc, and executes the trades fully unattended.

    It also comes with a simulator so you don't have to start trading your brokerage account until you are ready.

    Current works with these 4 brokers (not needed until you are ready to trade live):

    Interactive Brokers ($1 trades)
    MB Trading ($1 trades)
    OptionsHouse ($2.95 trades)
    TD AMERITRADE ($5 trades)

    Please go to the website for a wealth of information.
    If you have questions, send email to

    Best Regards,

    CoolTrade CEO
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    Traders don't do programming most of the time..

    They trade. There's no time to slowly learn anything as a trader, let alone programming.

    Good for you if you do both, but that's not common among profitable traders.
  10. Error.

    MANUAL traders do not program.

    Those who want their setsups automated and do that themselves, PER DEFINITION PROGRAM.

    Now, stuff like "simlple no programming required" may (and will) work for very simple setups.

    Once one gets into more complicated things, though.... game over. It is programming.

    Successfull traders that automate do not ahve to program. THat is when HIRING SOMEONE WHO DOES comes into the game.
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