Automated trading based on "footprint"\market profile.... which way to go?

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  1. Imba


    Hello people!

    Can you guys please reccomend me something?

    I have a strategy which is based purely on "footprint" volume information (or it can be based on "market profile really).

    Its quite simple tho. At the moment i`ve tested it for a few weeks on my "live account with NinjaTrader. Things goes well, but im forced to do a lot of work by my own.

    Unfortunattely, even "automated trading wizard"(in NinjaTrader) cant help me anyhow with my hopes to put my strategy onto fully "auto-pilot" mode :)

    So, i wonder, is there any kind of software\trading platform, which can help me create a UI which will trade based on footprint data only?

    At first i was thinking about MarketDelta platform, as i`ve understand they have functions to develop and backtests such ideas. Well, its great, but i dont actuaaly need to backtest it, i need to trade it :(

    im kinda new with all these "automated" stuff, since i`ve daytrade quite "slow" intradey movements onto ES for the last 1,5 year and never needes such things before.

    So any advice, which platform i need to look at?

    Or which other possible ways to i have to bring my idea into life?
  2. Häh?

    Unfortunattely, even "automated trading wizard"(in NinjaTrader) cant help me anyhow with my hopes to put my strategy onto fully "auto-pilot" mode :)

    That sounds like you think the autoamted trading wizard in NT is the "real deal". It is not. It is a way to enter the more simple strategies.

    For more complex things, run through the wizard, press unlock and edit the code. You can do a lot more on that.

    I think NT is pretty bad, and I tried and had a ton of issues around the development and bugs, but seriously, you should at least try out the "real" ninja trader, not just the strategy wizard for easy things (which I find not that easy - once you enter more complex conditions I lack the overview of real code).
  3. I have similar ideas.
    For my ideas i would need a (self-written) program that reads all Time&Sales data and reprocesses it in a way to get support and resistance out of it. I would end up with a realtime-database of possible support and resistance areas.
    Furthermore the software would trace pricetrends (higher high, higher low, ... and vice versa) on multiple time- or volumeframes and monitor the volume of the swings. Also the software would automatically calculate and trade trendlines and channels.

    There are many substantial difficulties with this approach:

    First you have to code everything yourself (or pay someone).
    Backtesting is also not too easy, you would need the Software to be able to be fed with historical Times&Sales data.

    But i think in about 3-5 Years this could be doable for me. I'm 20 years old, have 1 year of daytrading under my belt and begin to study Computerscience and Economics.

  4. Nice approach.

    This is basically where I am, just I am nearly 40, with a lot of experience in IT and the infrastructure for it. Current phase: Historical price database, next step: life feed integration, then backtesting etc.

    But still, this could possibly be done in ninja, but not with the wizard. That is really too simple for that type of approach - it is a simple wizard, not the "real" thing.

    And the real thing I would hate doing in Ninja script, thanks to the total lack of proper programming support that I am used to ;) I need a real IDE.
  5. You need to go to SmartQuant. It's a much more sophisticated ATS than NT and can probably be a better fit for your needs.


    For the OP, I sent you a PM of a NT consultant. You should give them a ring and see if they have what you need. For anyone else looking for the info, just send the OP a PM and hopefully he will be kind enogh to pass the info along, but the board shouldn't be spammed with their services, so I won't list it.
  6. That sounds nice. I am willing by now to give Right Edge Systems a try, and will add SmartQuant to the test list. Essentially I want to have my own backend (data store, feeds etc.), so I will have to create my own data interface into smart quant, but that should not be too hard ;)

    Nice. Thanks for pointing them out to me.
  7. open source is a good way to go for DIY.

    check it out

    you can build grey boxes with UIs to... here's an example w/code included:

    supports 6 brokers, tick-based so you can do time and sales analysis, fast tick-based backtesting, tick archival, etc. etc. all componetized, so you can easily build your own apps (or modify existing ones) if you want.

    neoticker also has a very nice platform.