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    We are trying to use SterlingTrading API for automatic trading in our C#.NET application.

    They support .NET 3.5 at this moment (no support for 4.0).

    I am not sure if there are any other API's. I wanted to check if there are any other better alternatives for automated trading API's supporting C#.NET ?

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    interactivebrokers is one of the choices for .net / java / c++
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    Thank you all. I will look into the API's you mentioned.
  5. offers a C# API, their limited api ($100/month) allows up to 50 orders/second
  6. Yes, and - sorry - you would be quite stupid to use it, given that QuickFix has QUickFixN - which is a pure .NET implementation not using native code ;)
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    MBTrading has an SDK. It's ActiveX so should be easy to use with C#. I think TradeLink has done the work for you as they support their SDK too.
  8. I'm presently using CTS T4 for .net /C# /. I have used 2 prior , and this is the best API for my applications.
  9. CQG Trader has an API version (from 25 usd pm)
    also you may consider openquant for automated trading .
    you just define strategies and connect to brokers via a multitude of connections
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