Automated Trades through IB

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by schinge, Dec 12, 2006.

  1. schinge


    Does anyone has some experience with automated trades through Interactive Brokers.

    I'd like to start trading based on Moving Averages (intraday) mainly on Indexfutures. I checked the web and found 3 solutions
    so far:

    1. Amibroker (cheap, but i dont like AFL)
    2. Neo Ticker from Tickquest
    3. NeuroShell (interesting cause of the AI stuff)

    Does anyone use some of the above software or has some alternatives ?

  2. tradestation +tradebullet or ninja
  3. whitmark


    I have used NeoTicker for over a year now with NinjaTrader and directly to IB for automated trading. Both methods work well for me.


  4. so what dont u like about Amibroker's AFL?
  5. I have been running automated trades with NeoTicker and IB for a few months, works well for me.

    You can write your system code in a number of languages.
  6. phg


    It's still in Beta, which you can download free, but RightEdge is an ATS development platform that inferfaces IB. For non-programmers it has a drag-and-drop strategy creation GUI. That is particularly handy for experimenting with the behavior of an indicator. It has graphs and back testing.
  7. phg

    Thanks for the link. 'This looks really interesting.