Automated trade execution question?

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  1. What automated trade execution software are other members using for automated currency and forex trade execution?
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    I'm using TT's X_TRADER API to automated a strategy that I have involving CME FX futures and Eurodollars. I like it.
  3. I am using eFloorTrader for CME. They said they should have fx soon, but I don't know the time frame.
  4. Yes, I've talked with them. However, with forex markets as far as I know -- IB's Ideal Pro forex platform is the only choice available outside the institutional and expensive solutions that one can do 100% unattended trade execution.

    Does anybody use Ideal Pro and/or know of other forex automated trade execution solutions?
  5. Hi x_diver,

    I may be wrong on this, but you are possibly the only person on ET ever writing about actually programming against TT's API.
    How did you get your software debugged? Do they offer some kind of simulator or demo-IB style that will work with API interaced user programs?
    What language did you use in your TT API application?

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    I'm curious too. Everyone seems to think the X_trader API is a nightmare. Did you run into many problems?

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    The reason that there's probably no discussion here is because TT has a private forum in which discussion and support of the XT API is done. It's at:

    but you'll need an account to access it. You can apply for an account on this site. I found some initial information at:

    The XT API is essentially a set of COM objects that give me access to get prices, get/send orders, and get fills. I have automated some strategies to submit orders based on market data. I use VB but you can use C++ or C# or ... I debug directly in my IDE. They have a simulation gateway called TTSIM which I use to test everything completely before I ever let it loose in production. It has a utility called TTtrainer that I use to record the markets I need which I then play back through TTSIM.

    I'm also using their RTD server that allows me to get direct access to this data in my Excel spreadsheets. It's a handy item.

    I've recently been writing some automated strategies on Linux and plan to connect to their FIX Adaptor. It gives the same functionality but communication is done with it over a socket in the FIX protocol. This is cool for techies like me.
  8. x_diver,

    Are their any additional costs to using the API over and above the monthly cost of the platform?

    How much experience have you had as a programmer and did you run into problems progamming to the API or was it all pretty straight forward?

    I was lead to believe that access to the fix gateway is pretty pricey. Something like 2K a month. Is this still the case?

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  9. Hi x-diver,

    From their pdf document, it would appear that the Fix Adaptor (still under development for linux) is a bridge to the existing TT-API. If I understand this correctly, no direct clean socket interface to TT. It looks that the Guardian software will still sit on top of this. It looks a bit top-heavy to have to go through FIX to get into TT. I think that reliable connections are often enhanced by simplicity.

    Am I wrong on this? I badly want a clean socket API from linux.

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