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Discussion in 'Trading' started by trader25, Nov 19, 2007.

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    First off, sorry if this is in the wrong forum, but is seems like there are a few it could go in, so i just put in main.

    Some quick background about myself- I have been trading for a few years now, but i have a full time job that keeps me from being able to trade as much as I might like.

    I am interested in learning more about Automated/Systems trading, and potentially adding this to my strategy. I have a pretty good amount market knowledge, and I have lot of different ideas for automated strategies, but I have very minimal programming knowledge.

    Basically I am looking for any books/websites that would have
    examples of a specific trading strategy with the actual code for the system that someone with little programming knowledge would be able to follow. Again, I'm not looking for a listing of different types of strategies. I am looking for a sort of "how to" to setup a strategy in code.

    So my questions are-
    1. Does such a book exist?
    2. If I was interested in learning programming specifically for finance/trading where would be good places to start?

    I am planning on checking out cooltrade, but I am more interested in learning how to build a system for myself, than having a third party do it.

    Thanks in advance for any help. :)
  2. your best bet would be tradestation...and the forum at their website....

    its just a start, but a good one... for what your trying to do.

    Curtis Faith has 'Way of the Turtle', these systems are more daily data oriented instead of intraday. Its a good book to check out. Plus he has a software package... Trading Blox..