Automated System Development for Non-Programmers.

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  1. Are there any programs out there that help non programmers test out systems they have in mind?

    I've been using it for last 2 years, nice system, allows you to enter requests like:
    price above MA(30)
    and rsi(2) below 30
    and rsi(2) above rsi(2) one day ago
    and price above 1
    and volume above 100000
    and add column rsi(2)


    ....just to name a few.....

    Investor R/T


    Tradestation (they are having some feed problems these day....not good)

    NeoTicker (TickQuest)

  4. rosy


    spend the month it takes to learn the basics of programming to test your system. you will get screwed trying to take the easy way out.
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    I agree with rosy, if you plan to automate your trading, you need to know what is making the whole thing tick, otherwise you will run into problems during live trading that you won't know how to fix. As for myself, I am not a programmer but after a couple of "programming for dummies" type books, I am able to do enough to make sure the system is doing what I wanted it to do. I still have a lot to learn to really customize my stuff, but it doesn't take long to learn the basics.
  6. System trading is 99.99999999% research.

    If you can't research, don't system trade.
  7. man


    there is no such thing as "automated system development for non-programmers".
  8. Just learn Easylanguage (will be best preparatory language out there) and VB & excel if you are not intraday trader or don't want to place more than few trades a day.

    You need to learn C++, C#,..only if you are very trading very actively, but i think individual traders seating at home or prop firms are at disadvantage and not gonna make it unless they switch to higher timeframe

    few factors that will kill you:
    -missed trades
    -random moves

    With higher TF, they are out
  9. You need to learn C++, C#,..only if you don't know any better!
  10. I think i know what you are going to say.. learn Python.

    Question isn't whethere Phyton, C#, best language to learn. I'm just saying it's better to skip the idea of active trading for sake of turning profitable and better lifestyle. I don't want to end up getting rich, but die trying behind PC everyday
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