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  1. HTmarket


    We have developed an automated strategy and would like to sell the execution side of the hedging algo with a simplified version of the strategy that can be improved upon.

    The strategy is coded in C# using the TradeLink API.

    I would like to know if there is demand?

    Statements and remote access can be made available for serious inquiries.

    Execution has been tested live.

    Please send me a PM for more details.

  2. newwurldmn


    How does a sale like this work?

    How does the buyer know he's getting a good product unless you explain to him what he's getting. By then you've given away your product for free.

    Serious question.
  3. xiaodre


    I imagine he would ask to come to their shop for a demonstration before purchase.
  4. dom993


    What's the rationale for selling it instead of trading it?
  5. v75z52


    Will it run on NinjaTrader?
  6. Mr_You


    Maybe hook up with
  7. HTmarket



    The buyer will know he's getting a good product when he sees the live execution by remote access through a live account. Proof can also be shown through statements which will show the ECN fees and credits confirming correct execution.

    What I'm really selling here is the execution part of the strategy, which took lots of time live testing. You can't demo test execution with Sterling trader since orders go directly to market. A simplified version of my strategy will be included so you're good to go live. You'll have the chance to modify the strategy to your risk profile.
    I'm selling the execution part of the strategy to finance my trading account.

    It won't work with NinjaTrader. You'll need low commission fee for it to be profitable. You can get these kind of fees with any good prop firm.
    Since the Strategy uses the TradeLink API you can connect to multiple front ends: Sterling, Genesis, IB, Blackwood, etc.

    Although you can use it for longer time frames. This strategy and execution algo is for intraday trading and would suit better a day trader looking to go into program trading or a program trader looking for a new strategy he can build on.

    Please feel free if you have more questions.

  8. Could you show us its performance ?
  9. I don't get that either.. Hmm. :confused:
  10. HTmarket


    What I'm selling here is the execution algo not the strategy. I'm only including a simplified version of the strategy I'm using.

    The value here is in the execution algo. It took more time to test then coding the strategy.

    You should build on the simplified version of the strategy and make it your own. Even if a strategy is automated it has to fit your risk profile.
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