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  1. Automated strategies?
    How exactly do these work? I never used an automated stragety? I noticed people selling these strageties. Global futures for instance has automated strageties for sale. I always just used my own charts and indicators. Can somebody enlighten me on automated strageties and what exactly are they? Do they automatically buy and sell for you? So I can go eat lunch and then come back an hour later and expect the stragety runner software to do all the work for me and then I'll come back to an account 500.00 more than what I left before I went to lunch? Is that what they are?
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    Yes, they automatically place trades so you can sit back whilst the broker automatically makes commissions.
    Your own account may go up or down.
  3. estra


    Yeap you got it right :)

    Usually they cost more though...

    e.g. Global will charge you more per R/T because you will need to use Strategy Runner Pro..

    Strategy Runner Pro looks like the Lite but it cannot run automated strategies...

    Also you pay the developer a monthly fee, or yearly fee, or fee per contract and so on... They payment options are numerous

    Make sure you pick a winner strategy (Which is not easy :D) and make sure you fund it well before you begin..
  4. If these people are programming strageties that are winners, then why do they have to sell their stragety? If their stragety is profitable then I would think they would keep it for themselves and make all kinds of money with it and wouldn't bother selling it for money. They wouldn't need money if their automatic stragety trading system was profitable? Right?
  5. If you prefer, you can sleep.
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    Well that is one way of thinking. But there are succesfull automated trading strategies and people make money from them. Usually though they loose..:(

    However, the developers have found a way with which they win nomatter what their strategies do. And that is renting them for a certain fee.

    If you develop a few succesfull strategies and people make money with them, then you end up earning a lot of money.

    But as I said, finding a good strategy that makes money, is not easy, but not impossible. It takes time and research...

    BTW if anyone has a good suggestion, I am very open right now ... :D
  7. AaronCapps

    AaronCapps Global Futures

    i'd be happy to answer any questions in regards to the strategies offered through our website.
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    Well Mr. Capps,
    what I could like to ask you is :

    1. How many of those strategies are offered through Strategy Runner?

    2. How many of those strategies do you offer the option of papering with?

    Thank you