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Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by Benster, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. Benster


    I am looking for software which can execute a trading system through the API on Currenex. The only system I have come across so far is is Openquant which I have not tested yet. All suggestions are welcome!

    I have seen some contracts on for APIs to be written for Ninjatrader to connect to Currenex. If you have any experience of this please let me know.

  2. RedRat


    Hi, you have multiple options:

    1) you can code for Ninjatrader
    it connects to Currenex via FIX protocol, I think that no third-party API are needed. Ninja costs you additionally $50/month and you need to configure and monitor it

    2) you can code directly for FIX protocol, there are libraries you can use like quickfix, but it is complex for non-programmers
    IMHO, this is the most stable solution

    3) you may use Forex providers who pass all your trades to Currenex via STP, I believe Alpari supports this and other dealings do this. Then you can trade via MetaTrader and use its API and MQL language

  3. Benster


    I checked with NT a month ago and they said they had no plans to add Currenex. I am some programming ability, EL, I did C a long time and am learning C#. I think I would need help to build something bespoke. How would you see the connection with Currenex and NT working?

    Looked at Metatrader, according to the website it is brokerages to use as a rollout for clients.

    I'll investigate Alpari. Thanks again:)
  4. RedRat


    Ninja definitely supports FIX protocol. The problem is each provider has its own FIX tags, and probably Ninja does not support Currenex specifics, I am not so sure here.

    Metatrader is well known platform for which there are plenty of various advisors and indicators. For simple strategy it should be fine. The problem is you don't know if broker forward your position at Currenex.

    And the rest is coding directly for FIX protocol. It is complex, it took myself say a week to understand everything and write something working. It costs time and money. Ideally with FIX protocol you may port your strategy easily for another forex provider, say Deutsche Bank or JPM or others...
  5. dtcreate


    I have experience developing market adapters for Currenex. As previously posted, FIX is not generic as people like to think it is and every venue has its own flavor and gotchas that you need to deal with.

    Currenex is one of the worst FIX interfaces I have dealt with as it does not follow many of the standards you would expect from the FIX spec. However, we were able to get a reliable market adapter working and is in production today.

    I would think these pitfalls are the reason why companies like NT have not done this as of yet. It takes a while to complete and get working right also so they could be in progress and just haven't finished it yet.