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Discussion in 'Forex' started by mglomba, Nov 19, 2011.

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    I am a software engineer but also interested in practical data mining of financial time series (did MSc and dropped out of PhD in this subject).

    I have became tired of analyzing individual charts and reports looking for mid-term investment opportunities and last evening finally decided to create a simple thing for myself, now made it public:

    The tool automatically analyzes price trends of multiple financial instruments on daily basis, allowing you to discover strong and stable price movements that might become interesting investment opportunities. Trend stability metric is calculated for each financial instrument which is then classified as stable, crazy or chaos - a greater value means a stronger, more stable trend.

    Hope you will find it useful too, currently 56 instruments are automatically analyzed including major&exotic currency pairs and major futures.

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    Dude, you started 3 threads already.
    Will you please stop spamming?
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    sorry mate, consider it done - I wasn't sure which board is eventually most accurate to post it.
  4. Without knowing the precise methodology for calculating your "strength" indices, nobody can comment. Are you factoring in normalization adjusted for volatility based on historical values, some sort of trend channel construction, or what? Other than that, we can see how it's trending just by looking at the charts so i'm not so sure how one would use a website like yours. Maybe i'm not understanding what you're trying to do though.
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    Hi braincell,

    The rationale behind creating this tool was to make daily market review faster and easier, I was really really tired of going through dozens of invididual charts by myself, now I can stay focused on a few with this trend screening software.

    I don't think it can be used as an input to automated trading strategies, it is just far too simple - the only information it gives is what instruments go up/down in stable manner with minimal fluctuations in the last days, nothing else really.

    I believe it might be suitable for discretionary trend following traders with 1-5 day timeframe. But it's not (another) Holy Grail for sure ;)