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  1. OK So the attached image is for 1 minute data. The red crosses highlight some great entry points along with peak and trough turning points.

    Now, the hard part is more filtering and coding for the actual directional trades. The coding is easy, getting the correct direction for the trade is the hard part.

    Some details:

    The present ShowMe is coded in EasyLanguage, about six lines of code.

    It does use Data2.

    Three length inputs.

    ME: Just a very novice trader looking to learn automated trading. NinjaTrader, etc.?

    YOU: Currently have an automated system at a similar time frame and see possibly a workable system from the entry points in the chart. Maybe it could compliment your existing system?
    A system like this I would hope to be set up to take 1 or 2 ES points per trade.

    Comments and suggestions are welcome as always.

    PM if you think that this looks like something you are interested in and will pass along the code and details.

    <img src= width=800>
  2. you will never make a system out of that which will make money. to many consecutive entries and without further filtering and exits you have nothing.

    let me guess data 2 tick, ticki, adv-dec, trin, spx, ndx, oex, pse (probably just give you some ideas) along those lines.

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  4. Thank you for posting the link for the ATS tutorial!
  5. Going forward, looks like I will turn this into a documented project for ET. Trading idea and system into a final day of flip the switch for automated system.

    I have moved to the next step for filtering out the possible number of trades. Now, it will be for the actual buy and sell signals and profit target logic.

    This first image shows the same exact data of 11/12, from the first post starting this thread with the new filtering.


    The second image shows data for 11/26, still 1 minute data.

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    you cant get in at the top of the bar.

    or have you not actually figured exact entries yet?
  7. The red crosses are from a TS EL ShowMe study. Buy and sell orders will be issued next bar.

    Keep in mind that the core system profit targets will be for 1-3 ES points only.