Automated programming and testing

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  1. Agreed,

    But brokers know if their retail customer accounts are losers or winners and such have an edge by fading the former and copying the later. They know that 90% of directional traders lose. This explains how all those fringe, small Futures brokers survive. It's not just from commissions.
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  2. They'd probably have trouble getting in my trades given the # I'm starting to make and the rules.
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  3. I think that worrying about whether a broker is analysing your trades is a total waste of time. To make money from trading, you have to execute trades through a broker - or you can go and buy your own broking firm. So why worry about something you can't change.

    If you have a good system, you'll make money. If you don't, you won't make money. Focus on getting your system right.
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