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    Does anyone know of firms out there that are looking to review equity based black box strategies; and that if they like what they see would offer to do the programming and provide tick data for backtesting? Thank you
  2. How can you show them anything if you haven't even backtested it yourself?

    Are you just going to show up and discuss some random idea?
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    Thank you for replying. I was approached by several firms to code my trading strategy because they wanted to fund the process of turning it into an automated system. However; in the end they wanted to own the code; so I said no deal. This is a fully coded finished strategy based on 20 years of trading. It has drawn a lot of interest. It was never about the money. The problem is that the firms interested want to take ownership of the code.
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    Why not trade it yourself through an institutional sales person who also has connections to outside capital? Then if/when it proves itself in the real world, they can help you with funding, and at that point I think you'll have the leverage to keep your own code.
  5. Unfortunately, if they see the code to run the system, it doesn't really matter if they legally own the code or you legally own it. Once they have a copy, they can trade it even if you own it, because there is really no way you can prove otherwise.

    If they run a server somewhere to trade it, there is no way you will be able to prove it in court. Your only real option is to trade it yourself and build a money management history, then become a trader with a bigger fund who likes what they see. Or, sell your trade signals through a service such as collective2.
  6. What exactly are you looking for? Tick data? Coding help?

    What language are you currently using and what platform are you running this in? Or, is this a manual system you want to convert?
  7. Hey guys, if you send signals to an outside broker or say a prop firm in Ninjatrader, can they see your code?
  8. No they can't.
  9. And nor would they.

    It's the broker you have to be concerned with, not the platform or data provider. The broker's prop traders are fading the trades of losing customers and taking the ones of winning traders.

    Ain't life grand?
  10. It really doesn't matter is a broker copies your trades or fades them. If you have direct execution, the broker can only entry a trade after you not before you, so it will not affect your entry price.
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