Automated Program Service without concern of internet speed or internet connection

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by aonelite, May 12, 2008.

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    Dear, Traders.
    Anyone here knows the program or service out there which is working on your algorithm even without your computer (But you have to design the algorithm in the first place).
    From now on, I will travel to foreign countries a lot due to work. So, I want a program that requires only my input algorithm to the trading system and then let it run on its own server (it does not require my computer to connect to the internet). In this way, I don't have to worry about my internet connection speed.
    To emphasize, My only job is to just put my algorithm to the server of that program service via the internet (even slow) and let it run on it owns (It connects directly to exchanges ).
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    Thanks for suggestion, I will try it out.
  3. edbar


    Actually, the CoolTrade software requires your computer to be running.
    Your Automated Trader runs on your computer, and not on the CoolTrade servers.

    My Automated Traders go on in the morning (with the Windows Task Scheduler), trade all day on their own, and turn themselves off at night.

    The Windows Task Scheduler can start the job even if the computer is hibernating, but the computer must still be on.

    I can see the days trades from the website and, using (free subscription), I can log onto my home computer remotely, from anywhere, if I want to see the actual automated trader running.

  4. aonelite


    I mean the problem is that I may have to move to another country soon. So, this solution may not be suite for me. I search a lot of software and found out that they require client computer to be running. (may be to reduce load on the server).
    By the way, do you know which datafeed feed provider is the best right now in terms of speed, details of data and reliable. I know some such as eSignal but I tried it out and did not like it.
  5. edbar


    The CoolTrade software utilizes the broker's datafeed.