Automated Order Execution via FIX

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  1. Well...

    Previously, we've been using a broker provided API to execute our trades and I've got experience with coding Java/.NET APIs.

    Fortunately, we've been doing well and rose up to an occassion where we can execute our trades directly with banks and FCMs. In order to do so, our firm is required to use the FIX protocol to communicate with banks.

    Due to our IT team being, non-English speakers and pretty much a newbie in Network / Socket programming. I'm taking sometime off of trading (system development / monitering) to implement the FIX into our system from scratch.

    I've been using QuickFIX and have been doing well, currently got the Initiator working with the bank's computer.

    Now... I have a few questions:

    I've got the networks connected... what should I watch out for in the future?

    We use a simple OMS provided by the QuickFix for testing. What should I watch out for?

    When I connect my actual trading models to the FIX, what should I watch out for?


    Basically, I'd like to hear any problems and/or struggles that you guys had when implementing FIX.
  2. Anton? You're using an alias now...?
    Still pimpin' your overpriced software I see.

    Yeah yeah I know, supply/demand; development cost; blah, blah, blah...

    You're simply takin' advantage of less informed end-users. Purely imho.

    Btw, h stands for humble. :)

    Edit In:
    Oh sure, use the SmartQuant source code. Does it still cost 10's of thousands of $$$ in addition to the cost of the executables? I forgot the exact amount. Remind me.
  3. Thanks. I'll e-mail Oren in QuickFIX.
  4. I roll my own. It's really not that difficult to produce "high tech". My sw is about as high tech as it gets. So I know what's involved and where vendors cross the line of selling "high tech" to individual end users, at $$$ comparable to that of a corporate clientele market.

    I'm simply a consumer's advocate speaking up when I feel that there's a definite need.
    You're vendor venom imo, Antonio. Snake oil schlep.

    If you did happen to consider bringing your prices down to an equitable value, for those unsuspecting potential users, I might then be praising you and the SmartQuant software suite.

    jmho Antonio,
  5. rickty


    So how much is SmartQuant?

  6. So why don't you display the prices??

    You gotta admit... not displaying the prices makes an intelligent inquisitor wonder about the sincerity of the company and the real value of the product. Hmmm, leaves impressions of shady dealings ..there Antonio.
  7. FWIW, the site used to have prices. I can't remember but it used to be in the $750 range IIRC. It was a long time ago and memory is fuzzy but I'm sure that's not far off.
  8. So by next year it will be in the $10k range LMAO.