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Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by richk, May 13, 2005.

  1. richk


    I am new in automated trading. I have this need.

    I need some software which will make order entries automatically . I need not any analyse. Triggers, Stops, Targets will be preset manually by me.

    I do swing trades. I do my own analysis before market open. Then I have prepared several setups with Entry/Stop/target points. What I need is to put these values into some automatic trader / order execution program which will do mechanic entry instead of me. Like :
    a) when the price is close to trigger send buy stop or sell stop order.
    b)When order is filled, immediatelly send stop order
    c) if target is reached send order fo close part of position.
    d) also some rules for stop moving could be apllied but these can be changed manually each day before open.

    I have used to write Pascal programs so I can write some conditions in some not very complicated language.

    I use now IB as broker, Medved Quotetracker.
    Could somebody advice me some product in which I can set such trade entry/stop/targets rules and which will work with IB TWS or Medved Trading API.

    Thank you for point me into right direction

  2. 65Matt


    IB's API has conditional orders. Sounds like that's what you need.
  3. what markets are you looking at??
  4. richk


    US Stocks.

    And yes it is more about conditionals and actions based on them.