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  1. Have you ever heard of a trading system that is not based on technical analisys, but on economic indicators, in other words: a fundamental automated trading system. For example: When the TIC data comes out, the program reads the number, compares it with market expectations and then executes an order if the difference is big enough.

    I know it's a long shot, but if anyone is even remotely interested in cooperating on such a project, starting in july, let me know. If anyone has info on this subject, please give me some feedback. Thanks
  2. That'd do great on typos! :D

    Would it have an automatic spell-checker build in too?

    What was that last NFP number, 2740,0 jobs added?

    I'm interested in overseeing the project if the trading account has more than $50,000,000 in it...

    I might be able to write a program for it that blocks out humor.

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    I've heard of an automated trading system linked to the numbers coming up in the figures screen, been around for ages but hasn't been the money maker that you'd expect.

    Also a link to a reuters screen that has automated buy sell orders for multiple "hot words" in one line... ie Explosion + Bush, ECB rate hike, are all pretty simple setups to make.

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    Phrase catching is a loosing proposition. We have tried that. The only successful news reader we have built is based on LSA and that is what we are currently running. It has over 70% accuracy in detecting immediate bias of the market.
  5. I pray to god these systems are here to stay :)
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    I haven't heard yet but I think about such a system for a long time.... I can imagine what I need (=what is necessary according my opinion) for development. The problem is I haven't appropriate tools. Programming from scratch is a nonsense and waste of time. You need expensive commercial tools not well known and used in trading community.
    If you can afford/obtain such a tools as SAS Text Miner and SAS Enterprise Miner, + (SAS Bloomberg adapter) ( +... then you have good chances. ...
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