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Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by Andre, Aug 28, 2003.

  1. Andre


    How much do you Automate? Many people use some kind of scanning software to look for set ups... but do you use a mechanical system to actually pull the trigger?

    One half hour after the close today, Thurs. Aug. 28th... Jeff DeWit of ECHOtrade will chat about Automated Trading strategies and their new Predator Pro software-which can be used for many different styles of trading. Please join us:

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  2. Dear Andre,

    I started up a thread on API's in the Software Forum, but not many people seem to go this way right now. I will be in the chatroom today.

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  3. damir00

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    extremely automated at this end. yes, there is discretion, if i can see the bid collapsing i'll wait 15 seconds to go long, that sort of thing, but otherwise very mechanized.

    and i have to admit, it is a damn hard exercise in humility to rely on deus ex machina, even when you're the deus in the machina.

  4. maxpi


    Working on automation via TS2000/Dynaorder/IB, just for exiting early morning trades while I'm commuting.
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    cashonly Bright Trading, LLC

    I have my whole openings automated. It gets me in, gets me out, let's me adjust for news on specific stocks or groups.

    Sometimes I even get busy with other things while it runs it's course.

    However, I can also override it at anytime I want. For example, once I got filled long on TGT with news, the specialist opened it and wasn't putting up anything on the b/a, so I nailed an ECN to get out with a 2 cent loss. (Good thing too because the next NYSE print was 35 cents down!) Unfortunately, I can override and break my own rules which can cost me!