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Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by Corso482, May 27, 2003.

  1. Does anyone know what platforms are available to create a forex system? I know Wealthlab can do FX, but is it compatable with any FX brokers?
  2. That link on the other thread was to a place which sells systems, not allows you to automate yours...I think.

    In my cursory research, I've found the best brokerage for lil' FX players is OandA (no minimums/tightest spreads). I'm specifically curious if anyone knows of any system building software that works with them.
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    Does the broker offer an API for order entry? If so, you can automate just about anything with a little programming. I am the n00b of all n00b programmers and after some reading/trial/error I am doing most of my stuff with Excel and VBA (although not with FX, so I don't know which spot brokers support that). If you trade FX futures then IB has the tools for it.
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    Have a look at this from the Oanda forum...

    Also, do a search on trailing stops because there have been a number of discussions about how they could be automated.

    Hope it's helpful for you,

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    Hi Corso482,

    Check the following link which might be relevant to your question:
  6. This looks like the same platform that GAIN uses.. If you dig around the installs, I'm sure you can find the right dll (or jar, or whatever)...

    or anyone with an esignal account could look at the GAIN interaction piece (is it an .efs file?) and try to figure it out.


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  8. I answer in the other thread.