Automated exit on MA touch with IB. Does it exist?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by Raptor Deus, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. Does anyone know a program or software that can be used with IB to exit a position once price hits a certain moving average?

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    any charting software with autotrade can do it.

    or, use Excel.
    There is a sample framework that comes with TWS.
  3. raptor...

    it's funny you ask because one of the default boxes that comes with tradelink is a grey box that will exit a position at a certain moving average target.

    The software is free and it works with IB out of the box...

    The example box you want is called GreyBox. To use it after installing the software, open ASP, click box library and open box.dll. Select GreyBox. Appy it to a stock and you should get a popup asking you what percentage of the trade it should exit when a moving average is crossed.

    Here is the code for the box to give you an idea what it does :

    If you want to make changes to how it works, you can download vs c# express and the box from the tradelink website.
  4. Thank you guys for your reply.

    I am not a programmer but will look into the tradelink software, believing (naively probably) it would be more complicated to work through excel.

    Is the tradelink software good for any IB market, i.e. intraday futures?
  5. yeah we have people trading intraday futures with tradelink.

    also intraday equities.

    other stuff should work (currencies, options) but has not been tested.
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  7. Thanks dmabe.

    Not having to program anything is probably a good alternative. Is it correct, the cost of setting the system up will run approx $100 per month?
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    That's about right - there are options to get it for less with more up front.

    Also, there's a one time fee for the Odds Maker - the backtesting component.

    PM me if you have specific questions and want to follow up.
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    There are some Metatrader Auto Trading modules I found online at -

    They've got some sort of Auto Trendline trading system and also a handy pivot program which you automatically calculates and displays the pivots on the loaded chart.
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