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  1. anyone would share how the steps on how to build a automate trading on server? recommend vendor and software tws and more security and pitfalls
    is amazon cloud suit? is very messy and not user friendly how to upload applications to amazon cloud and they have many product which one to choose ?
  2. yeah, sure, would you like me to send you the code? I could also send you my strategies and code for that as well if you like. I love to give and help out where I can. Anyone interested PM me pls.
  3. Just throwing ideas, haven't actually build one yet.
    Any brokers with API support (e.g. Ib or LS) you could set up web services (e.g. using RESTful so can be used as your APIs) in the cloud which can make calls to your broker. Setup authentication/authorization services and may be even different trading algos setup in the backend.
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    I see this question over and over and my answer is (over and over)...

    Just jump in with NinjaTrader. Download to your desktop, download Market Replay data if you don't have a data provider, and build a strategy using the Strategy Wizard, get good enough to modify the C# code it generates. Backtest then forward/paper test, etc.

    Lots of work. See the NinjaTrader website for video tutorials.
  5. ...yeah and lock into all the Ninja T. specific scripts (bars, ticks, event handlers, base classes,...) and look forward to getting completely screwed over once you go live trading, because NT is utterly incompetent when it comes to managing positions and orders in live trading environments. I thought this was a well-known fact established already years ago and is re-emphasized by hundreds of users with every new version they pump out and DO NOT solve even the most elementary problems of their OMS and PMS.

    Good luck!!!

  6. Don't know if it helps you, but just write the thing from the ground up using C++. The parts you don't have, integrate with 3rd party utilities. The parts that you do have, make them flexible. Keep moving. Don't expect your initial setup to be great, just keep building a piece at a time, and don't be surprised if the version you want takes you SEVERAL YEARS to get right.
  7. great advice, but do you honestly believe you anyone on this site takes you serious with that? Nowadays every media outlet, every self-proclaimed "teacher", every educational resource PREACHES that there is a FAST track way to the riches. Quality does not matter, stability and consistency is unimportant. Nowadays you are supposed to buy an off-the-shelf product, load couple tick data up its ass, run some pseudo dummy scripted strategy and there you go, you are almost there, almost printing money, all that for 200-500 USD off the shelf. Sounds like a good deal? Must be...We went down the drain because everyone is taught and believes they are entitled. We are in the midst of an entitlement society. You dont need to work much because you deserve.

    Enough of the ranting, I agree 100% with you. I have done the same on top of .Net (C#) and am constantly adding new features (currently outsourced a project to have couple design guys create a dashboard in WPF (later SL) to connect to a web server which supplies throttled risk measures, position and order updates. I actually do not complain about the Ninja Trader type of wannabes because they supply the market with urgently needed "dumb capital". I am willing to bet about 95% of people using NT, RightEdge, SmartQuant, and other funny chart and "live trading" packages lose virtually all their funds in two environments: a) trying to pick tops and bottoms only to get stopped out time and again due to the overwhelming trend once its established, b) attempting to jump on break outs. But hey, thats what you get with standard packaged "indicators" (not sure what they indicate other than a sure fire way to lose money)....

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    I'll never understand this advice for newbs...

    Why in the world would anyone spend so much time building trading software vs spending that time on developing profitable trading strategies?

    It really boggles the mind and offers no help to someone so new.

    And FYI... NinjaTrader is FREE for development and starts at $50/month for live trading. Really hard for anyone, except open source tools, to beat that. And "lock in" is really not an issue. Most traders have no problems porting their strategies.
  9. it boggles your mind because you are apparently in the business of shilling for NT and not trading to generate PnL. No surprise you have difficulties to follow.

    I try to spell it out very clear so that even someone a little thicker understands: It does not matter how much you pay for a piece of software, if it is prone of errors and cannot even handle orders and positions in a live trading environment correctly. So, stop bullshitting newbies into $50 deals, I recommend ANYONE (beginner, amateur, pro alike) to rather work 2-3 part time jobs (in case they do not have cash at hand) to make $10,000 to buy a piece of solid software that stood the test of time and has the stamp of approval than touting $50 crap that does not work. The 10k is a solid investment, the 50 bucks is a waste of money but ABOVE ALL A HUGE WASTE OF TIME.

    Anyone looking to see what I mean regarding Ninja Trader, search this forum, search BigMike, search on the net what people have to say about NT and live order handling and management. LOL, enough said!!!

    P.S.: Why is it only in this industry that normal people can be cheated into the idea that there are freebies (I chalk up $50 to being a freebie) given away and all one has to do is sit down, play around a bit, and voila, a new profitable strategy emerged. Why are people THIS DUMB? If I stood in front of a car dealership to hand out $50 NOBODY WOULD TAKE IT, there must be some sort of twist to it, right? Its only in this industry when people are blind due to greed.

    Nothing has bankrupted more (wannabe) "traders" than G-R-E-E-D.

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    AI, Please send me your code/instruction. Thanks

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