Automate grammar and spelling checks?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Arthur Deco, Jun 9, 2010.

  1. And automatically reject all posts below a reasonable standard? That alone would eliminate 90% of the bullshit posts here. If it were me I would reject posts coming from certain parts of the globe.
  2. The red states? (Certain individual exceptions would apply.)
  3. Anywhere there are Asians, regardless of political leaning. I am heartily sick of posts in the vein of "Amellica eat shit and die!"
  4. I don't think people should be rejected due to spelling, basically due to typoes. Some people may be on a mobile device, or posting from a constrained environment, or be in a hurry, and some people may not be good typists.
  5. I can imagine why that might be.
  6. An example, only slightly exaggerated: "Herroe ETree trader! Andy trader from Litheyouwaneya? Anyboddly knoes a good strattlegy for trade ETF? Many thank in adrance!" Any similarity to Mizrael's style is fully intended. I would put the little shit on ignore, but he is too pathetically entertaining in his transparent insincerity.
  7. You don't seem to understand something very important...and that is that the owners WANT more posts rather than less. Of course, there is a line but it doesn't extend to poor grammar. Come on now!


  8. Fireplug, I agree to a point. But surely they don't want those idiots driving away posters and readers who are truly serious about trading. Let us suppose that someone prestigious here, like, say, ProfLogic, decided to pack it in because he swooned from the general stupidity? Then what would this place be like? It would be all bleating pleas for free systems with no one to respond.