Auto trading

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by clarodina, Dec 16, 2007.

  1. Anyone know how to automate range expansion strategy on IB?

    The strategy has 2 buy and sell price for a given day with attached stop order for each buy and sell price.

    This can be easily implement in TWS. The problem comes in when the market fill one order and retrace deeply and require a stop and reverse.

    For instance, market has buy price at 1500 (Stoploss at 1460) and sell price at 1475 (Stoploss at 1515). The market first fill the buy of 1 contract at 1500 (Buy price). During the day retrace back to 1475 (Sell price). At this point the trader would sell 2 contract, 1 is for closing out the inital buy and the second contract is for sell. The initial stop loss order should be cancelled once 2 contracts are sold.

    Is this possible to auto implement in IB the above scenario?

    No intend use auto trading software which has to be online all time but rather prefer to have the order input gd till cancel.