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    What auto-trading (I sent out manual signals and they get executed automatically in people's accounts) are available for IB and what is your experience in terms of reliability ?
  2. I know about:


    In terms of reliability, keep in mind IB releases new TWS versions very often, this is a source of potential compatibility problems. You may also want to opt out of the secure device if you want your software to automatically reconnect. IMO reliability is more dependant on the broker and data-service than the autotrading-software (which works in my experince reliable as long as broker, data and connectivity are "sane". The crux is always programatically finding out that one of the 3 failed, and recovering from that). When the broker "acts up", its not even always possible for a human to know whats going on without calling in.
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    Do all of the above work for manual signals and not automated systems ?
  4. I would usually think of auto-trading and manual signals as opposites. It sounds like you want to have people subscribe to your signals and then automatically trade them using some sort of software? I don't think I've heard of any software specifically for this, but you could certainly write a system in RightEdge which would listen for signals over the internet and make trades based on the signals. Since your systems are written in .NET, there's not much limit on what you can do.
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    Auto-trading means the automatic execution of signals in your acount whether they be manual or coming from an automated system, as far as I know, just look at
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    Anybody has more info on this ?
  7. Omnitrader Professional with OmniPilot trades directly through IB.
    Real time intraday Data would come from a vendor like e-signal.

    1) You can trade directly from the Omnitrader charts, including trade plans with predefined profit and stop losses, you orders will be entered and confirmed (on the chart). Both programs must be open (IB minimized and OT open)

    2) You can autotrade Nirvana's trading strategies or your own as Omnitrader Pro is fully user programmable. Might be a good fit for you as OT Pro is .Net.
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    Does this work for manual signals,trades coming from me ?
  9. Yes,
    You trade directly on the chart, just drag a chevron down to the current candlestick, adjust your desired entry price, add a trade plan (if desired) with your preset stop and/or profit target and your order is automatically entered with IB.

    You can also autotrade your system (if it is a mechanical system).
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    My trades, signals have to be sent to other people and get executed in their accounts automatically, can it do that ?
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