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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by mnnpb, Feb 24, 2011.

  1. mnnpb


    Hi, I am getting one Dell R610 Rack server to create 3 VMs for 3 users to run their automated trading systems. I am not sure if this spec is good enough to cover those three users.

    CPU: Intel Xeon E5630 2.53Ghz, 12M Cache,Turbo, HT, 1066MHz Max Mem (2 Quad cores)
    Memory: 48GB
    HARD DRIVE: (146GB *6)

    Thanks, np
  2. It all depends on their willingness to share ;) and their strategy.

    Are they using a (one) database, can they coexist on the same database or do you need to set them up in a multi-tenant environment where everyone needs their own DB server .....

    If they're not high frequency, they can probably shine on your server and on 4 VMs.
    1 VM for the core DB/infrastructure that is shared.
    1 VM for each/every customer.

    I've never done any HFT trading, so I wouldn't know what the requirements for that are.

    Hope that helps
  3. nLepwa


    It's good enough, no problem.

    The limiting factor will be the virtualization technology. What are you using? And also will the users work on the LAN or WAN?

  4. mnnpb


    we are using ESXi
    I am not sure if it is lan or wan but the users will be accessing to our server in trading network from their location using vpn client.

  5. mnnpb


    we are not creating any db server.. we just want to make 3 VMs with 100gb hard per each VM. Do you think it would better to one more 1 VM for DB server to share ? Thanks.
  6. Depends if they need a database.
    If they do, then I'd create one shared DB VM.
    you can control access to that via standard DB permissions.
    I would spec that one a little larger as far as memory goes than the other VMs. (8GB at least).

    How much do you charge for the VMs/month ?
  7. mnnpb


    we were gonna use esxi which is free...