Auto trading help from India

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by paulgun, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. paulgun


    Are there any programmers in India, willing to teach me how to build a fully automatic mechanical trading platform? I am looking for a system that can screen about 2000 stocks/ etf and FX, for volatility, automatically calculate minor and major support and resistance levels, actively monitor over 100 trades at time using at least two indicators and place orders automatically, calculating the full margin and size of each trade.
  2. Why India? You speak sanscrit better than English?
  3. Bob111


    you can do it yourself in excel,if you know basic programing. if you don't-learn how. imo-well worth it,if you don't want to be dependent on somebody every time you come up with something new.
    btw-imo it's not nice to ask for a help from India on US forum. not patriotic at all. :cool:
  4. toc


    may be his logic was that a programmer will cost $100/hr in US and $10/hr in India. best is to spend 2-3 months and learn programming oneself and then you really know what your system is doing.