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    "market maker" or automatic scalping software.

    Who has it and who's the best in your opinion? Pro's/cons?



  2. xtrader with c++ program to api is superior imo for all the rapid fire trading----------or what I would call quick scalps.

    like nyse tick hits XXX {a certain number} then enter es at market for 2 ticks profit----------------------these kind of programs are the best on xtrader by far.
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    Thanks Macro
  4. Didn't tell him you need to do a lot of 'scalping' to pay for the monthly x-trader cost. Given the nature of the question, it will likely only add to his losses.
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    I like the dialogue.

    But really do I sound that naive?
  6. lack of superior platform performance costs more per month then $500 when autoscalping.
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    Macro thank you.

    Is xtrader uniformly the "fastest data feed."
    Of course their software is top notch. The reason I ask is if one were to write their own software are their any other feeds which are as fast?
  8. it sure seems to be that way through certain fcm's ----- from my experience.

    i have been told that photon is very fast but i know nothing of their platform------------x works for me.
  9. .. KDB+ from .
    Used by many pro arbitragers.

    Warning: can cause serious headaches to try and understand sourcecode. Experience from functional programming languages a big plus ...

    An alternative is J from . These languages both stem from the APL family.
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